Safeway flyer (sometimes known as Canada Safeway) is a Western Canadian grocery network with 183 full-service supermarkets. It was founded in 1929 as a subsidiary of American Safeway Inc. until being sold in 2013 to Sobeys, a branch of the conglomerate Empire Company, Canada’s second-largest grocery chain. As a consequence, it is no longer affiliated with the American corporation, although it retains the Safeway brand and emblem.

It is a signatory to the Retail Council of Canada’s voluntary Scanner Price Accuracy Code.

Safeway Inc. opened its first shop in Canada, Canada Safeway Limited, in 1929, with nine locations and a headquarters in Winnipeg. It bought the 179 Piggly Wiggly locations in Canada in 1935. Safeway flyer entered the Toronto market in 1969 by building new stores rather than acquiring existing ones. In this market, the company eventually collapsed due to entrenched competition.

Sobeys stated on June 12, 2013, that it will buy Safeway’s Canadian businesses for CDN$5.8 billion, subject to regulatory clearance.

Sobeys was obliged to sell 23 of its retail sites to other firms as part of the settlement imposed by the Competition Bureau in October 2013. For a total of $430 million, Sobeys sold 29 of its sites (18 of which were Safeway locations): 15 to Overwaitea Food Group (mostly in British Columbia and Alberta) and 14 to Federated Co-operatives affiliates (primarily in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba).

Sobeys stated in January 2018 that eleven outlets in Metro Vancouver will close due to underperformance. Several of the stores were eventually reopened as FreshCo outlets. Another six Safeway shops in British Columbia will be converted to FreshCo in 2020, according to a 2019 announcement. In 2021, six Safeway weekly flyer locations in Alberta will change their names to FreshCo.