We developed Best Buy flyer Marketplace to provide you with a diverse range of items, not simply those sold by Best Buy. Our Marketplace functions similarly to a virtual shopping mall, allowing top-rated vendors to sell their wares on BestBuy.ca. * \s* Marketplace is exempt from some Best Buy rules, such as the Low Price Guarantee, Free Shipping, and Returns policies.

Sellers who have been carefully chosen

Our staff handpicks our top-rated North American merchants, who adhere to our shipping and refund policies.

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service

We ensure that our vendors provide excellent customer service, and if you ever need assistance, we’ll be there to help.

Payment Processing That Is Safe

All Marketplace transactions are handled directly by Best Buy, so the sellers never see your payment information.

Best Buy Shipping Guidelines
We don’t want your Marketplace purchasing experience to be too different from your Best Buy flyer shopping experience, which is why all of our sellers must adhere to our rigorous shipping requirements.

Shipping is quick.
Most purchases are dispatched within 2-4 days from the seller, however each vendor has their own policy, which may include exclusions depending on location. For further information, see the seller’s policy on the product page.

Options for Free Shipping
Many of our vendors provide free shipping on smaller products that need special delivery, and only charge for bigger items that require special delivery. For further information, see the seller’s policy on the product page.

1. Review the Seller’s Return Policy
On the product page, look up the seller’s return policy to see whether the item may be returned and if they impose restocking costs.

2. Make contact with the seller
Contact the seller through order status to start a return.

3. Send the package
Print the return merchandise authorization (RMA) from the vendor and attach it to the box before sending it.

4. Get a refund
You should get your refund within 5-7 business days of the vendor receiving your shipment.

Most Commonly Asked Questions
What can I do if I haven’t received a response from the vendor about my order?
If you haven’t received a response after two business days, you’ll notice an option to “Escalate to Best Buy,” which will have the Best Buy Marketplace Support staff contact the seller on your behalf.

Is it possible to use Best Buy flyer gift cards to buy Marketplace items?
Yes! You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Paypal, or any other method of online payment that Best Buy now allows.