Who says you have to wait for the sales to get great deals online with Best Buy Flyer? How to shop at low prices.
Sure, sometimes you have to wait for the sales to get great deals, but there are other tips that can help you save money when shopping online with Best Buy weekly Flyer.

Buy mid-week with Best Buy Flyer

Believe it or not, the day you buy can make a difference on the price. Brands start sales and discounts mid-week to boost sales in slower periods.

For example, you’re more likely to get a discount with Best Buy Flyer on Tuesday or Wednesday rather than on the weekend, when everyone else is shopping. If you can wait until the middle of the week, do it.

Subscribe to Best Buy Flyer Newsletters

If you feel like you’re missing out on flash sales and other great deals, sign up for your favorite store’s newsletters.

Of course, you will be spammed at least once a week but in exchange, you will get all the discounts you dream of.

Leave your products in the basket

Be patient. If you see an item that catches your eye, put it in your cart and leave it for a day or two. Retailers hate unfinished sales, so chances are you’ll get an email with a discount code to close the sale.

Warning: this tip only works if you have an account and are logged in when you add the items to your shopping cart.

Say it’s your birthday

A cake isn’t the only gift you can get for your birthday. When you sign up for Best Buy and are asked for your birthday, don’t ignore it: many brands will personalize their marketing and give you a discount code on that occasion.

The plus: brands tend to give more interesting discounts than usual. You must be spending your birthday money well, right?

Try coupon code sites

Digging through promo code sites is the best way to save money when shopping online.

Join a bargain Facebook group

Professional Facebook bargain hunters spend days looking for discounts, Best Buy weekly Flyers and sharing them. If you have an account, join these groups since coupon codes tend to have a short shelf life.

Clear your cookies

Brands know where you live, how much you can earn or spend, and how much interest you have in a product. For example, if you are looking for a dress and live in the heart of a big city, you are more likely to be shown the most expensive dress than if you live in the country.

To get those lower prices, clear your history and cookies and set yourself to anonymous browsing while shopping.