The Story of Costco flyer
Costco has revolutionized the retail industry in less than two decades.

The origins of Costco may be traced back to 1976, when entrepreneur Sol Price launched a revolutionary retail concept in San Diego, California. Price Club was the world’s first membership warehouse club, a location where members could save money via efficient purchasing and running techniques.

Price Club was once restricted to company members only, who were able to acquire a broad variety of supplies and wholesale merchandise. Jim Sinegal, Price Club’s executive vice president of merchandising, distribution, and marketing, was important in fine-tuning the goods and marketing techniques, helping to develop Price Club into a global success story.

Jim Sinegal put his skills to work seven years later, co-founding Costco flyer Wholesale with Jeff Brotman and opening the first warehouse in Seattle, Washington, in 1983.

Price Club and Costco Wholesale continued to innovate and flourish over the following decade, and the two mega-retailers joined in 1993, resulting in a talented leadership team that quickly became Costco the world’s most successful warehouse club.

As the firm grows, it maintains the characteristics that have helped it attract and keep millions of dedicated members all around the world:

Quality is a priority. In comparison to the 30,000 SKUs available in most supermarkets, Costco warehouses have roughly 4,000 SKUs. The organization can provide the most value to members by carefully selecting items based on quality, price, brand, and features.
A spirit of entrepreneurship. Costco employees at all levels have continued to be defined by their entrepreneurial quest for excellence throughout the years. Everyone on the team, from the executive team to the warehouse workers, is focused on exceeding member expectations.
Employee concentration is important. Costco is known for prioritizing its employees above other Fortune 500 corporations. The firm has built a working culture that attracts enthusiastic, high-energy, bright individuals by paying fair rates and providing excellent benefits.
Costco weekly flyer has more than 10 million members in Canada and is one of the country’s top merchants, with annual sales of CDN$25 billion.